Asa Milbankx + Breaking Bad = ??

Here is something to tide you over until the new singles from White Buffalo, Asa Milbankx, and Ghost Quarter: this is Asa’s own version of the Breaking Bad theme song. Actually, it’s just Asa’s new vocal over the instrumental track from the TV show. Enjoy!

Asa Milbankx takes on “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad theme with Vocal

Or download it here:

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New single alert: “We Never Kiss” by White Buffalo is on its way

The debut single from White Buffalo is Mount Valley’s next release! “We Never Kiss” is the first single from Ali Abolghasemi (Analog Birds, Asa Milbankx) under the alias White Buffalo. It features the talents of Asa Milbankx, Ryan Weiner (Asa Milbankx, the Latters, Daddy Moitch) and Collin DeJoseph (the Latters, Daddy Moitch) as well. Stay tuned – this one is going to be available free of charge on before it goes to the pay services (iTunes, Amazon, et cetera.)

EDIT: White Buffalo is no longer the name of the artist for this single; the name is in use by someone else. “WNK” will finally be out during the first half of 2012 so watch this space.