Asa Milbankx: “Angry Sun” single (2012)

Asa Milbankx: “Angry Sun” single (2012)

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Asa Milbankx’s 2012 single “Angry Sun.” Featuring Ryan Weiner on end guitar.

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Update (3.22.2012): The home-made music video is below…


Asa Milbankx: “In the Meadow” (Rough acoustic version)

Hello everybody. Here is a Friday treat for you – a brand new acoustic rendition of “In the Meadow” from the Simple Shapes + Patterns album. It is a quick, rough take. Enjoy!

In other news, Asa Milbankx’s brand-new single “Angry Sun” will be available for download this coming Monday, February 20th, 2012, right here on Mount Valley for the low low price of free. See you then!

UPDATE: “Angry Sun” will be released later in the day on Monday, February 20, 2012 (late afternoon Eastern Standard Time) here on Mount Valley.

New Asa Milbankx single “Angry Sun” coming within 14 days

Update: if you are looking at this post but not at the front page, well.. Get over there now! The new single “Angry Sun” is out and available for you to download!

Here at Mount Valley, we have a relatively new policy of not announcing a specific release date or release week for our new records until they are ready to ship.

So, in the spirit of this policy, we are pleased to announce that Asa Milbankx has a brand-new single on the way: Angry Sun. We are even more pleased to announce that Mount Valley will be releasing Angry Sun at some point within the next two weeks.

If you are a fan of Simple Shapes + Patterns or the Milbankx singles, you will love Angry Sun; it is a different sound that you are going to dig.

Watch this space for more details over the coming few days, which will culminate in the release of “Angry Sun.”

Teaser: M9A9 – Newlands

Here’s the newest teaser from M9A9. A mostly complete, instrumental song from the upcoming double EP release “Frith-rathad”.

Teaser track: Ali A.B. – “Baby in Killzone”

Along with the site redesign, we have brought something old – the 2007 Analog Birds album Musique Concrete (see last post) and now we bring you something new: this unfinished teaser track, “Baby in Killzone,” from Analog Birds’ very own Ali A.B. It is an ambient track that will make you confront your irrational fear of killzones head-on.

Download the track here.

Analog Birds: Musique Concrete album (2007)

Analog Birds: Musique Concrete album (2007)

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MP3 ZIP320KBPS MP3 version (10 tracks plus PDF booklet
FLAC zip: 24bit/48khz FLAC version (10 tracks plus PDF booklet)

… or Enter the Musique Concrete Microsite (liner notes, lyrics, etc.)

If you are a newcomer around these parts, we have something you might enjoy. Analog Birds’ most recent album, 2007′s Musique Concrete, is here for download. You can also enter the microsite to view the liner notes and listen to the individual tracks online.