Mount Valley News: Lazy Talkers • Asa Milbankx • Analog Birds

The excellent new Lazy Talkers record is about to drop. It’s the brainchild of Ryan Weiner, a long-time collaborator with Analog Birds, the Latters, and Asa Milbankx. Ryan’s guitar playing can be heard on the Don’t Let it Slow You Down album by Analog Birds and the “Angry Sun” single by Milbankx, among other releases. Check out Lazy Talkers on Facebook here. Also, check out their music on Soundcloud. There are three Milbankx collaborations on the record, so make sure you buy a copy on vinyl when it’s out.

In other news, Asa Milbankx is finishing up a new mini-album. It has five songs, one of which is a four-movement suite. It should drop some time in September 2012. Watch this space for more developments.

In still other news, Analog Birds have been recording a brand-new single, their first release since 2007′s Musique Concrete album. It will be released some time this fall.