New Asa Milbankx album: Tracklist and Notes

Hello, this is Mr. Asa Milbankx. We have been teasing my followup album to “Simple Shapes + Patterns” for the past couple months, and I’m proud to say that the record is in the final stages of completion.

Thanks for your patience – it will be worth the wait!

The as-yet untitled mini-album will explore some new sonic territory when compared to Simple Shapes + Patterns; there are a lot more synthesizers used on the new record, as well as my trusty Sequential Circuits Drum-Traks drum machine, which was absent from SS+P by design.


1) Roads + Junctions
2) Come to your $en$e$
3) Sheriff Ramb
4) Elsewise
5) New Exit

1) “Roads + Junctions” is the first single from the album – funkier than what you may be used to from Asa Milbankx/The Latters. A sunny, harmony-laden shuffle based around Moog Slim Phatty, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, and Kawai SX-240 synthesizers, Drums and Percussion, Acoustic Guitars, Sequential Circuits Drum-Traks, and more.

2) The album gets a bit darker with “Come To Your $en$e$.” This track is based around backwards instruments and a mechanical drumbeat, redolent of Musique Concrete by Analog Birds. Where the synths and drum machines peacefully coexisted with the more organic elements of “Roads + Junctions,” they all but flood the soundstage here.

3) “Sheriff Ramb” is a four-part, through-composed suite, which I was tempted at times to split into four separate tracks. I think it works well this way, though, and if you disagree, I’m sure you’ll let me know. Featuring the lovely and talented Dominique Vance on violins, a nice brass section, and all manner of morphing sounds to tickle your eardrums.

4) “Elsewise” is the penultimate song and the fastest track on the record. Gated analog synthesizers, drum machines, Moog-filtered guitars, Mellotron vibes… it reminds me a bit of the 2004 Analog Birds album Don’t Let it Slow You Down. A nice little burst of electronic rock and roll energy. This track and “Come to Your $en$e$” are the true “electro-rock” tunes on the album.

5) “New Exit” brings things full circle and ends the record. This track reminds me a bit of my last solo album, Simple Shapes + Patterns. It’s a ¬†yearning, gospel-tinged tune, and it has a few surprises in store for the listener as well.

The first single, “Roads + Junctions,” will be released on this website very soon, followed by the full mini-album – five songs, totaling about 18 minutes of music. There are a lot of melodies packed into that short running time, and I am excited for you to hear them!

All the best,