Analog Birds: “No-Knock” single (2013)

Analog Birds: “No-Knock” single (2013)

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Update (May 23, 2013): The Justin Wayne Show is giving away free copies of the “No-Knock” promo CD! Hand-assembled and limited edition of 100. Get over there and get a copy!

The first new music from Analog Birds since 2007 is here. “No-Knock” is the debut single from the forthcoming 2013 Analog Birds album The First One Follows.

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Willards Wormholes gave “No-Knock” a nice writeup, along with “Roads + Junctions.” Mike Mineo of the excellent Obscure Sound posted a very kind review of “No-Knock.” Viva Indie Rock also featured “No-Knock.” Thanks guys.

Analog Birds: In Tha Club Tonight (Tracklist)

We are pleased to announce that the new Analog Birds album has been renamed “Up in tha club tonight.” This signals a bold, raw, and modern direction for the group.

We have lots of special guests on this upcoming album, and we’re very excited. Here is the track listing.

Analog Birds: “Up in tha club tonight”

1) Intro Skit (Feat. Matt McNiff)
2) In The Club Tonight (Feat. J-Moxx)
3) Trash Girl (Feat. Shorty, Minuteman, and L’il Shorty)
4) Harlem Shake (cover, featuring MC Rob Marley)
5) Baby you’re the Girl for Me (Feat. RayRay, Big RayRay)
6) Support our Hoops (NCAA March Madness song)
7) Gangnam Style (cover)
8) Outro Skit (Feat. Dan Tanenbaum)