Isobel Morris & Ali A.B.: Abandon Ship E.P. (2017)

“Abandon Ship” EP by Isobel Morris & Ali A.B. is finally here! Enjoy.

“Abandon Ship” is a collaboration between Analog Birds bandmates Isobel Morris and Ali A.B. It was Ali’s idea to create a song structured like a ‘musical sandwich.’ The beginning and end of the song, played on piano by the phenomenal Collin DeJoseph, are two halves of the bun, and the rest is the (hopefully) delicious filling. 

The lyrics have a surreal nautical theme; like the music, they were written collaboratively between Isobel and Ali. The words play out as a stream-of-consciousness story, juxtaposing themes of futility, decay, and perseverance against archaic maritime imagery. 

“Abandon Ship” was initially scheduled to be released years ago as a single, but it was too much to complete at the time. It languished, unfinished, for many years, and now it’s finally here and completed, with two other stowaway tracks in tow!”