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Whipping Girl: Find + Replace album (2017)

Find + Replace is finally here, after two years of production. It is the debut album from Whipping Girl (Isobel Morris & Matt Sweeney) and is also Isobel’s first full-length album since 2008′s Simple Shapes + Patterns. Listen on your streaming service of choice, or stream and download the high-resolution 24-bit 96khz version at Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Isobel Morris & Ali A.B.: Abandon Ship E.P. (2017)

Isobel Morris & Ali A.B.: Abandon Ship E.P. (2017)

“Abandon Ship” EP by Isobel Morris & Ali A.B. is finally here! Enjoy.

“Abandon Ship” is a collaboration between Analog Birds bandmates Isobel Morris and Ali A.B. It was Ali’s idea to create a song structured like a ‘musical sandwich.’ The beginning and end of the song, played on piano by the phenomenal Collin DeJoseph, are two halves of the bun, and the rest is the (hopefully) delicious filling. 

The lyrics have a surreal nautical theme; like the music, they were written collaboratively between Isobel and Ali. The words play out as a stream-of-consciousness story, juxtaposing themes of futility, decay, and perseverance against archaic maritime imagery. 

“Abandon Ship” was initially scheduled to be released years ago as a single, but it was too much to complete at the time. It languished, unfinished, for many years, and now it’s finally here and completed, with two other stowaway tracks in tow!”

Whipping Girl: Suggested Actions / Defeat Hymns EP (2016)

Whipping Girl: Suggested Actions / Defeat Hymns EP (2016)

Suggested Actions/Defeat Hymns is a four-song EP by Whipping Girl (Isobel Morris & Matt Sweeney). The title track “Suggested Actions” features on their forthcoming debut album Find + Replace; the other three tracks are remixes and variations.

Isobel Morris: Fools Gold single & Extended Variations (2016)

Isobel Morris: Fools Gold single & Extended Variations (2016)

New today (18 July 2016): “Fool’s Gold” is Isobel’s first original solo single since transition. It was produced, performed, and composed by Isobel. There’s also a B-side, “Idiot’s Bounty,” which is an extended remix of “Fool’s Gold.” Enjoy!

Isobel Morris: Just Noise single (2016)

Isobel Morris: Just Noise single (2016)

Hello all! Here’s Isobel’s new single, a cover of Beck’s “Just Noise” from the 2012 Song Reader release. It’s free to download or stream from Soundcloud.

“Just Noise” was performed and produced by Isobel Morris during Jan/Feb 2016. Ingredients: Voice, Piano, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Guiro, Kawai SX-240 Synth, and Drums. No autotune or vocal pitch correction was used on this recording.

“Just Noise” originally appeared on Beck Hansen’s 2012 album of sheet music, Song Reader, and has been covered by artists such as Norah Jones and Portland Cello Project. However, this new version by Isobel is the best. ;)

Whipping Girl: EP Teaser No. 2: Suggested Actions

Hi everybody, and happy Leap Day! The featured track for our second Whipping Girl (formerly known as Ladyboy) EP teaser is “Suggested Actions,” a song that was composed around a feature called ‘Note Repeat.’ Enjoy! Watch this space and follow me on Instagram for updates (https://www.instagram.com/isobelmorrisxy/) P.S. I’ve once again embedded Whipping Girl’s debut single “Reticence Cliff,” in case you haven’t heard it yet. :)

Whipping Girl: EP Teaser No. 1: A Safe Distance

Hello everyone, Isobel here.  My new project Whipping Girl (formerly known as Ladyboy) – comprised of myself and Matt Sweeney – is gearing up to release our debut EP. This is our first teaser trailer (in a square format because it was made for Instagram). The featured track is “A Safe Distance,” which has sort of a 1970s cop-show vibe. Enjoy, and watch this space for news and more teasers! P.S. I’ve also embedded our single “Reticence Cliff,” in case you haven’t heard it yet. :)

Holiday Presents from Isobel and Analog Birds!

Happy Holidays! We have two Holiday gifts for our loyal listeners. First, a brand-new cover of The Beach Boys’ “Wonderful” by Isobel solo, and second, a new a cappella mix (with a bit of piano thrown in) of “Over to You” from Analog Birds’ 2014 release Anti-Presence. Both are free to download and stream. Enjoy!