Ali A.B.

Asa Milbankx: “Roads + Junctions” digital 45 (2013)

Asa Milbankx: “Roads + Junctions” digital 45 (2013)

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Here’s the new Asa Milbankx Digital 45, “Roads + Junctions” b/w “Before We Say Goodnight.” Stream from Soundcloud, or download the zip file with both songs, complete with artwork:

MP3 ZIP (Download: 320kbps)
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“Roads + Junctions” is a funky, synth-laden tune and the first track from the forthcoming Asa Milbankx mini-album Invisible Diamonds.

“Before We Say Goodnight” is baroque orchestral pop, featuring an appearance by Ali A.B. of Analog Birds.

Watch this space for the forthcoming Analog Birds single, their first new musical release in six years, coming next month!

Teaser track: Ali A.B. – “Baby in Killzone”

Along with the site redesign, we have brought something old – the 2007 Analog Birds album Musique Concrete (see last post) and now we bring you something new: this unfinished teaser track, “Baby in Killzone,” from Analog Birds’ very own Ali A.B. It is an ambient track that will make you confront your irrational fear of killzones head-on.

Download the track here.