Don’t Let it Slow You Down (2004)

Analog Birds’ 2004 album, Don’t Let it Slow You Down.

Analog Birds: Don’t Let it Slow You Down featured on Willards Wormholes

Our friend Willard of Willard’s Wormholes was kind enough to write a brand-new review of what is now a very old album. 2004′s Don’t Let it Slow You Down was a bit rough around the edges, but Willard likes what he hears, and he makes me appreciate the album a bit more… Hopefully we will be able to remaster it sometime soon with a proper mix. We love you, willard!

Analog Birds: Musique Concrete and Don’t Let it Slow You Down albums reviewed on Planet Mellotron

Andy from Planet Mellotron, a website devoted to all sorts of Mellotron-related music, had kindly reviewed Analog Birds’ 2004 album Don’t Let it Slow You Down and their 2007 album Musique Concrete.

Check out the rest of Planet Mellotron, as well - if you’re interested in Mellotrons, it is quite a comprehensive site, and if you’re not interested in Mellotrons… well, I just don’t know what to say to you…

Analog Birds “Through The Woods” (from the album Don’t Let it Slow You Down, 2004)

“Through The Woods” is from the 2004 Analog Birds album Don’t Let it Slow You Down. Download Dont Let it Slow You Down for free at this link. Stay tuned for the first new Analog Birds album in six years, coming in 2013, and check out the new Analog Birds Facebook Page!

Listen here

Asa Milbankx: Vocals (first half), Moog Opus III Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Congas
Timothy McNicholas: Vocals (second half), Bass (first half), Drumtraks Drum Machine, Electric Guitar, Bongos
Danny Smith: Reverse banjo, Bass (second half), Bongos
Matt McNiff: Electric Guitar, Pan Flute, Backing Vocals (second half), Percussion

Produced by Analog Birds. Music and Lyrics by T.McNicholas, © Tunes On The Prairie. Sound recording © 2004 Mount Valley Manufacture. Download more music at