Video teasers

Analog Birds: “Master Breacher” TFOF Preview #001 (21 Jan 2013)

Here’s the first release from Analog Birds since 2007. It’s the first video preview of our upcoming single and album. The music is a remix (or a mash-up, for the cool kids) of the sessions. Much of the video came from the sessions, as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming single and album, as well as more previews and teasers.

Analog Birds: First teaser for new album (2013)

Analog Birds are recording their first album since 2007′s Musique Concrete. As we work on the album, we’re going to continually update you with “teaser” video clips.

This first teaser comes from Sunday, December 2nd. It is from a recording session in Brooklyn for a new track. Timothy McNicholas and Asa Milbankx are playing Moog Prodigy and Moog Etherwave Theremin, respectively. Enjoy!