Analog Birds: Don’t Let it Slow You Down featured on Willards Wormholes

Our friend Willard of Willard’s Wormholes was kind enough to write a brand-new review of what is now a very old album. 2004′s Don’t Let it Slow You Down was a bit rough around the edges, but Willard likes what he hears, and he makes me appreciate the album a bit more… Hopefully we will be able to remaster it sometime soon with a proper mix. We love you, willard!

Analog Birds: Musique Concrete and Don’t Let it Slow You Down albums reviewed on Planet Mellotron

Andy from Planet Mellotron, a website devoted to all sorts of Mellotron-related music, had kindly reviewed Analog Birds’ 2004 album Don’t Let it Slow You Down and their 2007 album Musique Concrete.

Check out the rest of Planet Mellotron, as well - if you’re interested in Mellotrons, it is quite a comprehensive site, and if you’re not interested in Mellotrons… well, I just don’t know what to say to you…