Teaser tracks & Promos

Teaser: M9A9 – Newlands

Here’s the newest teaser from M9A9. A mostly complete, instrumental song from the upcoming double EP release “Frith-rathad”.

Teaser track: Ali A.B. – “Baby in Killzone”

Along with the site redesign, we have brought something old – the 2007 Analog Birds album Musique Concrete (see last post) and now we bring you something new: this unfinished teaser track, “Baby in Killzone,” from Analog Birds’ very own Ali A.B. It is an ambient track that will make you confront your irrational fear of killzones head-on.

Download the track here.

Teaser: M9A9 – A new soundclip track

This is not much more than a “proof of concept” track. I’m playing with layers of effects and trying to determine what the right amount of noise and distortion is before it becomes too much.

Untitled 2