Whipping Girl: EP Teaser No. 2: Suggested Actions

Hi everybody, and happy Leap Day! The featured track for our second Whipping Girl (formerly known as Ladyboy) EP teaser is “Suggested Actions,” a song that was composed around a feature called ‘Note Repeat.’ Enjoy! Watch this space and follow me on Instagram for updates ( P.S. I’ve once again embedded Whipping Girl’s debut single “Reticence Cliff,” in case you haven’t heard it yet. :)

Whipping Girl: EP Teaser No. 1: A Safe Distance

Hello everyone, Isobel here.  My new project Whipping Girl (formerly known as Ladyboy) – comprised of myself and Matt Sweeney – is gearing up to release our debut EP. This is our first teaser trailer (in a square format because it was made for Instagram). The featured track is “A Safe Distance,” which has sort of a 1970s cop-show vibe. Enjoy, and watch this space for news and more teasers! P.S. I’ve also embedded our single “Reticence Cliff,” in case you haven’t heard it yet. :)

Analog Birds: “Master Breacher” TFOF Preview #001 (21 Jan 2013)

Here’s the first release from Analog Birds since 2007. It’s the first video preview of our upcoming single and album. The music is a remix (or a mash-up, for the cool kids) of the sessions. Much of the video came from the sessions, as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming single and album, as well as more previews and teasers.

Milbankx does Nilsson – “Bath”

Asa Milbankx has recorded a ragged acoustic rendition of “Bath,” written by the incomparable Harry Nilsson. You can watch it right here…

Asa took a break to record this cover whilst working on some adventuresome new material for release. Watch this space for updates.