Asa Milbankx: Simple Shapes + Patterns album (2008)

Asa Milbankx: Simple Shapes + Patterns album (2008)

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Asa Milbankx’s first solo album, under the name The Latters. Produced, performed, and composed entirely by Mr. Milbankx.

As we prepare for new Asa Milbankx material, lets take a trip back to a more innocent time… October in the Year of Our Lord 2008.

It was a time when we had George W Bush in the White House, a time when we the economy was just beginning its rickety collapse… a collapse that many believe was exacerbated by Simple Shapes + Patterns.

Teaser: M9A9 – A new soundclip track

This is not much more than a “proof of concept” track. I’m playing with layers of effects and trying to determine what the right amount of noise and distortion is before it becomes too much.

Untitled 2

we’re coming

Modulated noise, just to give you a taste

Introducing M9A9

The M9/A9 is a major motorway in Scotland connecting the cities of Edinburgh and Inverness.

M9A9 is a brainchild, connecting classic British shoegaze and Old World celtic music.

M9A9 is what happens if Capercaillie kidnapped Robin Guthrie to go hang out with The Jesus And Mary Chain in Kevin Shields’ basement.

Asa Milbankx and friends: Halloween Show!

Flyer for the 2010 Halloween show

Asa Milbankx with Matt McNiff and Ali Abol live at the Lovin' Cup Café in Brooklyn

Asa Milbankx, Matt McNiff and Ali Abolghasemi are returning to the Lovin’ Cup Café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Come down and see us at the Lovin’ Cup, 93 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY. 9:30PM on Friday, October 29, 2010. Wear a costume if you want!

Thank you

We had a wonderful turnout at the show on Saturday at the Lovin’ Cup Café. Thanks to everyone who showed up to see the first Asa Milbankx show. Asa, Ali Abolghasemi and Matt McNiff were electrified, due to a fault in the club’s wiring system, but also due to the enthusiastic and supportive crowd. Thanks also to the staff of the Lovin’ Cup. We are working on scheduling more shows for the rest of 2010 and into 2011, so stay tuned.

Asa Milbankx live and acoustic, Saturday October 2, 2010 with Matt McNiff and Ali Abolghasemi at the Lovin’ Cup Café

Tomorrow, Saturday October 2, 2010: Don’t forget to come out and see Asa Milbankx with Matt McNiff and Ali Abol. They’ll be playing classic and obscure Analog Birds tunes, songs from Asa’s band The Latters and Matt’s band Vehicles of Light, and a few brand-new tracks as well. The show starts at 9:30PM at the Lovin’ Cup Café in Brooklyn, New York.

Asa Milbankx live at the Lovin' Cup, October 2nd, 2010 @ 9:30PM

Asa Milbankx, Matt McNiff, and Ali Abol live at the Lovin' Cup, October 2nd, 2010

Asa Milbankx + Breaking Bad = ??

Here is something to tide you over until the new singles from White Buffalo, Asa Milbankx, and Ghost Quarter: this is Asa’s own version of the Breaking Bad theme song. Actually, it’s just Asa’s new vocal over the instrumental track from the TV show. Enjoy!

Asa Milbankx takes on “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad theme with Vocal

Or download it here:

And don’t forget to check out Asa’s most recent single, “I Know What You Came For” and become a fan on Facebook!