New single alert: “We Never Kiss” by White Buffalo is on its way

The debut single from White Buffalo is Mount Valley’s next release! “We Never Kiss” is the first single from Ali Abolghasemi (Analog Birds, Asa Milbankx) under the alias White Buffalo. It features the talents of Asa Milbankx, Ryan Weiner (Asa Milbankx, the Latters, Daddy Moitch) and Collin DeJoseph (the Latters, Daddy Moitch) as well. Stay tuned – this one is going to be available free of charge on before it goes to the pay services (iTunes, Amazon, et cetera.)

EDIT: White Buffalo is no longer the name of the artist for this single; the name is in use by someone else. “WNK” will finally be out during the first half of 2012 so watch this space.

New material

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve gotten a great response for the Asa Milbankx single (now available on iTunes and Amazon as well) and we’re hard at work on more content for Mount Valley – the new White Buffalo single is on its way, as well as another Asa single to help you combat the heat – somehow. Stay tuned!

Asa Milbankx – “I Know What You Came For” single (2010)

Asa Milbankx – “I Know What You Came For” single (2010)

mp3-zip-red flac-2496-blue alac-2496-green

Asa Milbankx’s 2010 single “I Know What You Came For.”

MP3 320KBPS : Asa Milbankx – I Know What You Came For MP3
High-Res 24/96: Apple Lossless Format or FLAC Format (~85 Megabytes)

Asa Milbankx • Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Moog Prodigy, Telephone
Ali Abolghasemi • Moog Modular V, Telephone
Ronald Stockwell • Drums
Ryan Weiner • Lead and solo guitars
with Matt McNiff • Lap Steel

Leave a message below to tell us your thoughts on the new single. And if you’re into that sort of thing, check Asa Milbankx out on Facebook as well.

Asa Milbankx: “I Know What You Came For” New Single Coming Soon

Hello everybody. Jarvis Tetley here with an update from Mount Valley HQ. Our very own Asa Milbankx will be releasing his first single, “I Know What You Came For,” next week. It will be a promo-only CD single going out to outlets around the United States and Canada, but not to worry – it will be available to download right here on free of charge. Check back next week for the single!